Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A new infusion of seeds

I just received more seeds (hooray!) -- I love getting seeds for new things, and this shipment includes kohlrabi (Dyna Bio), something called Ruby Streaks mustard, French Sorrel, Giant Winter Spinach (hope springs eternal here in our acidic soils), and parsnips (Cobham Improved Marrow). I've tried growing parsnips before (last year in an equally droughty summer), so this may not be the year to try again.

The drought doesn't get much worse than what we currently have. There are many places that get a lot less rain than we do, normally, so I hate to whine, but the U.S. Drought Monitor place shows the area where we live as one of the worst areas in the country.

Look down to the Southeastern U.S., where the big red patch is; we live there.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for visiting Henbogle and the tip in catching woodchucks. I will give it a try. We have a havahart trap, but have been unsuccessful in luring in the 'hog. It has already dug under the fencing reinforcement I added on Monday!

    BTW, your blog looks great and your gardens wonderful! Sorry to hear you are suffering still from drought. We were very dry a 6 or so years ago but have returned to a more normal pattern in the last 2 years. Good luck,

  2. Ali,
    Thanks for the nice comment about my blog! I enjoyed Henbogle and will return.

    We're still able to water here in Upstate SC, thanks to a number of lakes created for power production, and a far-thinking water system in Greenville, so it hasn't become as dire for us as for Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. So, it's still reasonably 'green.'

    The Chuckster woodchuck bait and the woodchuck lure (combined with a bit of spinach) worked like a charm on getting our errant herbivores into the Havahart trap!


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