Sunday, June 15, 2008

Adding more beans (and seeds)

I couldn't help myself -- I ordered more seeds yesterday evening (this time from Territorial Seeds, an excellent seed company based in Oregon).

I used the last of my yard-long bean seeds Saturday afternoon, and I wanted more to plant, as I harvest the last potato beds, and the garlic beds. We have such a long growing season here in the Southeast (and it's getting longer), there's no reason not to plant more 'warm season' veggies in mid June. I'm planning to put in more tomatoes too, for a fall harvest, but they'll need to go in the garlic beds, for a good rotation, since they're related to potatoes.

My excuse is that I need more seeds for fall. Hmmm. Actually I just like trying new things. So I added French sorrel, more Tom Thumb lettuce (a remarkably attractive small butterhead), parsnips, and something called Dyna Kohlrabi to my 'cart.' And, definitely, I need the purple mustard, speckled lettuce, argula, Tuscan kale, and Pac Choi for fall. Something called Ruby Streaks Mustard also made it into my online cart-- it looked like a red-tipped mizuna from the picture, and the cabbage butterflies have diminished by fall, although they haven't been much in evidence this year. Hmm, I also might want to add the compost starter, even though I know it's not necessary. The power of description.

But I prepared another potato bed and planted more beans (Scarlet Runner and Kentucky Wonder in a mixed planting) envisioning hummingbird-attracting flowers and productive beans. I like pole and runner beans because they save space and are easy to harvest, not to mention being attractive.


  1. I was delighted to stumble onto your blog-it is a literal and visual treat! I am a zone 3 gardener myself, and we have had very very cold, wet weather here so far, so it's nice to see someone with some real progress. I'll be adding you to my "favourites" list and shall check back often!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment!

    We're fortunate to have a long growing season, but DO have hot, humid summers as our 'worst' season.


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