Coffee grounds & woodchucks

I spread coffee grounds around the munched trombocino squash and violetta beans where the woodchucks have been partying recently.

Maybe the coffee smell will be a deterrent. It's a great soil amendent, in any case. Woodchucks seem to have very distinct foraging preferences -- curcurbits, tomatillos, kale, and beans are greatly preferred. Potatoes and tomatoes have barely been nibbled, except for a few flowers. The red mulberry was defoliated early, too -- another favorite.

What's surprising is that we've never had woodchucks in our garden before and our neighborhood is not particularly good habitat either. But we've spotted two out foraging, who scuttled back towards the brushpile. Hhrmph.

My natural gardening tendencies are challenged by herbivores like the woodchucks! At least they haven't been in the main vegetable garden, only the 'satellite' garden down the hill.


  1. A couple tablespoons of the hottest red pepper sauce you can find, mixed with a gallon of water. Put it in a spray bottle and mist your plants with this. It won't leave any flavor traces for you if sprayed on the leaves, but the woodchucks sure don't like it.

  2. Try 2 tablespoons of the hottest red hot sauce you can find, mixed in 1 gallon of water. Spray on the leaves of plants (like beans). Woodchucks hate the flavor.


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