Harvested pea shoots and peas

A serendipitous late planting of sugar snap peas and snow peas yielded a small harvest of pea fruits, but a nice harvest of pea leaves and shoots.

I'd planted seeds in a Hail Mary fashion, just as a place marker in my front raised beds, hoping for a few pea shoots before the first frost.

But little did I expect that we wouldn't have a hard freeze until November 30.  So I gladly harvested the final peas and shoots, picking off leaves to cook.  The stems are really too tough to eat, I figured, unless I really want to up our fiber intake, which is already high enough.

I also harvested as many arugula leaves as I could, although they should be fairly hardy.  Hard to know with 20° F coming up tomorrow night.

Seedling of Arctic King lettuce and baby kale, along with arugula seedlings in my raised beds -- we'll maybe I'll put some Remay over them tomorrow.  Truth be told, I'm weary of dealing with winter vegetables, as I pulled a container of winter greens out of the freezer this afternoon.