Working on a narrative about Quebec

I have two years of posts about our house in Quebec, many about our gardening adventures. 

Editing the first segment this evening which was an independent non-blog narrative (this is after I've finished laborious cutting and pasting from blog posts, along with other saved narrative pieces into new Word documents) reminds me of how our gardens ground us in the world.

I'm not sure how I'll form all of the posts into a coherent story, but it's a story that's worth sharing, I hope.

I. know I'll enjoy revisiting our story of somehow acquiring a cottage in Quebec. 

I find it serendipitous and remarkable, reflecting back to our two summers and two winters in our magical place that we steward and the landscape that my gardening companion has transformed.

Nor our cottage, but inspired by it:  painted in an acrylic class last winter

A small painting that I did last winter, thanks to a painting class sponsored by the Heritage St. Lawrence folks.   Our cottage is this color.