Gardening zones in Canada

Having fun looking at Canadian seed catalogs (based online), I was bemused by the revised map of Canada’s zones posted by Vesey Seed Company.

That dark green area on the lower left third of the sweep towards the Gaspe Peninsula is Rimouski, our nearby big city.  Much to my surprise, supposedly the last frost dates are Oct. 11-20.

That’s just weird.  As a scientist, I’m just figuring that it’s a bit of an anomaly of weather data that created this odd result.

Obviously, the weather is warming here, as it is everywhere, as I’m quite sure Oct. 1-10 weren’t historic last frost dates, for the surrounding region, just like our older USDA temperature predictions are similar.

In the mountains of Western North Carolina, we went from USDA Zone 6a to 6b, probably pushing upwards at lower elevations.

We met a lovely woman out skiing this morning who was so happy to meet us and practice her English.  She grew up in the Eastern Townships, and had moved to Rimouski 6-7 years ago.  She commented that one reason she moved (in addition to having her son and his family in Rimouski), was that the snow simply hadn’t been reliable over the last 15 years in the Sutton area, where she had lived. And she loves skiing.  She was chugging along faster than me on her cross-country skies, even though clearly older than I am.



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