Lettuce grown in Canada

I like to grow greens.  Lettuce, kale, collards, spinach, creasy greens - well, whatever I can grow in my now shorter seasons of growing in Western North Carolina in spring and fall.

In Quebec, well, I could grow greens down in the basement under lights, but I hate to introduce moisture and extra fungal spores to the basement.  Beside, there’s skiing to do!

My summer garden here in Quebec is just fine.

So I was interested to see in my favorite small market in Rimouski (our nearby city), these hydroponically grown Boston butterhead lettuces grown in Quebec.

lettuce grown hydroponically in Quebec

They're lovely heads of lettuce and the company, based on their website, seems like an excellent one.  They don't say where the energy for their hydroponic production is coming from, but otherwise seem quite transparent about their production technique.

It struck me as better than buying lettuce grown in Mexico, although this is also the first time I've bought lettuce here in quite a while (last summer, my lettuce, in the cool summers here, just went on and on).