A perfectly-hued tulip

ColorBlends, a wholesale bulb company has been a generous sponsor of the Garden Bloggers Fling.  Two years ago, attendees could choose among a variety of their color blends.  I'm not sure which one I choose, but it included a range of pastel colors.

This one was one of them, currently flowering in a pot in the raised bed garden.  Beautiful!

A search for "tulips" brought up a variety of posts over the years.  

It seems ironic on a day that I'll be talking about gardening for pollinators that I'm writing a post about tulips, but tulips have been a favorite since long before I was a gardener.

The first post that the search pulled up started with the phrase:

Sometimes, my screen around "plants that work for a living" includes plants that bring joy.

Woody and I were enjoying the tulips at Biltmore Estate in this photo from 7 years ago.

So much fun to revisit my tulip posts!


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