Being at home in the Southern Appalachians

It's been so nice to revisit posts that I've made in Natural Gardening over the last few weeks -- on fall color, favorite plants, preserving fall leaves, etc. 

I've been doing this on Places of the Spirit, my new blog, where I've committed to posting everyday for the next year.

yesterday's dogwood leaf drawing
And I'm planning to do a lot more of that reweaving of past posts with new ones in the year to come. So much of what creates a sense of place for me is the natural world, the gardens and natural areas that surround us, and where we are in the world.

I invite you to follow my new blog, too, if you've been following this one or are interested.  I'm finding that I'm doing similar posts, just on a slightly broader theme than strictly gardening and nature.

But I haven't abandoned gardening, either, so there will be more posts about those topics to come here as well, as we continue to develop our "new" garden in Quebec, and spend more time in our garden in the Southern Appalachians of Western North Carolina.