Brilliant Japanese maples

Our neighbors all have Japanese maples. They’re the same cultivar, apparently, even though planted on 3 different landscape. They’re a deep scarlet now, still with all of their leaves.

Our ginkgo in front finally lost all of its leaves after the first real frost of the fall.

Click on the image to see the entire view -- it's a much nicer and complete image.  (Blogo is letting me post and include images, but they're not necessarily sized as instructed!)  At least I can post on my iPad. (Note: now on my desktop, the image looked squished, but I was able to resize it via the standard Blogger platform. Go figure.) 

Obviously this wasn't a great photo (from my iPad) to start with....but, it looks a lot better full size.

It makes a wonderful view out the front door, as we leave, or enjoy the morning through evening light.


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