Sunday, October 8, 2017

Writing is art

I've returned to thinking about writing as my primary creative activity. Perhaps I'll get back to watercolor. Maybe.  I'll be probably sticking with gardening and writing.

I have a natural dye-printing class on Thursday, inspired by a wonderful scarf that I acquired at one of our tailgate markets --the creator of the one I bought will be the instructor.

But I keep coming back to writing as a primary medium (as I tap this on my iPad keyboard) in a curious way of thinking.

Gardening has been a significant expression of creativity over the years - that's been a interesting evolution in its own right, but perhaps more narrative writing is yet to come.

This small snippet from the (much longer) Emily Carr University's Writing Manifesto (in Vancouver) says it right.


  1. That's very thought-provoking, Lisa. I've been thinking a lot lately about starting an "unplugged" version of my blog. There are so many times that I think about blog posts in my mind, but I don't necessarily have, or want to obtain, a photo to match the topic. Yes, "writing as a primary medium" makes sense.

    1. Why not just post your thoughts? Forget about the photo.... I've done that, for sure.

  2. You'll notice that there's not a photo (aside from the art quote). I found it so interesting to read follow-ups from folks at the Fling this year about whether photos drove their posts or reflections. I'm firmly in the reflection camp, for sure.

  3. Yes, writing, gardening and crafting are all art forms. If I had to give up my writing, I think I would cease to breathe. Thanks for stopping by my blogging anniversary. Congrats on yours too.


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