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We're in the 99% path of the solar eclipse tomorrow, so we have eclipse glasses ready, and a planned viewing spot.

It would be fun to be over at Biltmore Estate (with its expansive skies) but we're opting for a walkable spot close-by.

I'm inherently more interested in living things than planetary happenings, but thinking about tomorrow at this time going largely dark, is a pretty dramatic thing to contemplate!


  1. So how was it? We only had 85%, and still it was nifty to see. The effect wasn't as great because we had cloudy skies until just before the eclipse, and then it was sunny afterward. But still we were able to see the eclipse reflected on the ground and white paper (and also with the special glasses). It was fun to view it with the neighbors. :)

  2. We had a few clouds, but maintly clear viewing, and watched for about 45 minutes through the maximum eclipse here. There wasn't too much noticeable in the ambient surroundings, a bit darker and cooler during peak, but looking through our glasses -- pretty impressive!


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