Saturday, May 30, 2015

Battening down the vegetable garden

This is NOT a good time to be leaving my vegetable beds for a couple of weeks, even if it'll be a glorious time to be visiting gardens in Toronto during the Garden Blogger's Fling.

The sugar snap peas have just started to produce (amazing for late May).  I've underplanted them with beans, which have emerged quite nicely, but they'll really need the gardener's hands to be trained up the trellises.  I've harvested all of the young perennial leeks of any size, leaving more than enough to spread around when I get back.

I'd like to sow squash seeds now, too, but am worried about enough moisture supporting them while we're I'm going to wait.  It's been so cool this spring, it hasn't really been good planting weather before now.  The tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are in place and growing well, so that's good.

The tiny basil seedlings in flats that have just emerged... hmm, what was I thinking?  Time enough to sow another round when we return. They're on their own.

Yes, we have folks keeping tabs on the house and indoor plants, and a friend will water, too, when she's in town on market day,  but the swapping of cool season to warm season is not so easy.

I harvested all of the "outside" lettuce and kale leaves today, and all of the turnip greens, along with the sugar snap peas that have matured so far. The greens and peas were a lovely addition to our dinner this evening, eaten at home after a number of days eating out, with guests, programs, etc. and before a couple of weeks of the same ahead.
Welsh onions from a couple of years ago

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