Monday, April 27, 2015

Home in the mountains

It was a whirlwind weekend of moving up furniture and boxes last Friday, shedding furniture at local consignment shops,  sorting boxes to the right spaces, unloading and distributing them, shedding even more, etc.

But it was good work. It didn't take as long to get things back into a semblance of home as it did to shed things.

And it wasn't so difficult to honor the old house that we were leaving, after all.

It's a good house, with great bones, and it looked nice even though empty, waiting for the next owners, whose truck was in the driveway.

I'm grateful for the encouragement (and discipline that was imposed by a smaller house) around shedding.

We've done well. We have space for everything, although I'm still in reorganization and shedding mode (and will be for a while!)

Our favorite pieces of furniture from our old house came with us.

Our old sofa has replaced the main sofa (an overstuffed, tufted sofa filled with feathers, which I hated for reasons from tufts to allergies).  The sleeper sofa has given way to the matching loveseat to the upstairs sofa.

And starting to rearranging things and get everything settled (all the boxes are gone, now, hooray)  will be an ongoing process, but it's finished enough, now, to feel even more at home.

Our more rustic antique pieces have simply made us feel more at home;  I still have too many "decorative" items, but as  I pare them down, we'll still be at home.


  1. I'm eager to see photographs as your new place morphs into the home place. Thank you for sharing the shedding, the anxieties, the move. You've managed it all with grace.

  2. Thanks, Cathryn-- I don't really think I've managed it with grace, but perhaps I've tried to describe the experience as best I can, spinning on the positive.

  3. I love your "new" home and also look forward to any photos you share. I have also been looking for a new header photo that better represents my blog/garden, Clay and Limestone.

  4. Gail, it's been unexpectedly rewarding and nice to re-arrange and add old things to what we already had here -- it definitely feels more like home.

    And I appreciated the opportunity, too, to update my blog header.

    I'm sure you'll find something great for yours...


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