Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm waiting for hummingbirds

My feeder has just been refreshed with new "nectar" - aka sugar water.  I refilled it several weeks ago, being hopeful (my first ever sighting here was on March 18).

My blogging friend Janet, just an hour away in Greenwood, SC has had hummers visiting her feeder today -- I hope the link to her FB post works!

Here's the current map on Journey North with hummingbird sightings:  the early male scouts are flying north, for sure and the females won't be far behind.
April 2, 2014: Journey North hummingbird sightings


  1. Seems like the link worked. I love hummingbird season!

  2. No hummers here, just big flocks of robins. It was one of the things that amazed me our first spring here back in 1980.

  3. I am definitely ready -- my coral honeysuckle is, too! And my pollinator-savvy neighbors are reporting seeing mason bees and bumblebees -- all I've seen so far are honeybees and carpenter bees.


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