Spring is definitely on the way

Not only daffodils are flowering in the Piedmont, Asian cherries are back in flower in our city's median plantings.  Lovely.  They were "tricked" in late fall to bloom early, but happily, are now looking quite nice -- welcome after coming back "down the hill" today.

All sorts of things are starting to pop up, beyond the snowdrops, daffodils, and crocus.  Dimpled trout lily (Erythronium umbilicatum) is in flower, too, and I'm sure our native Hepatica spp. are out, as well.

I went by the old "farmhouse" in Montford this afternoon, to take some photos of the Galanthus that's naturalized (presumably over many years).

It was nice to see the carpet of snowdrops again!  I've not ever seen snowdrops in masses like that, so it was a welcome sight.

Galanthus naturalized in an old lawn

Old house (in Montford historic district, Asheville, NC) with Galanthus


  1. I was so glad to go back and revisit a magical sight!

  2. I think these are only so abundant since it's a very old homestead. I've not seen so many anywhere else, just small clumps here and there.


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