Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The power of nature

Those of us who are walkers, gardeners, hikers, birders, and/or naturalists know the power of green nature.  Folks that just enjoy being outdoors in the park, hanging out, or having a picnic know this too.

I loved reading this piece in the NYT (in Well) about easing brain fatigue with a walk in the park, describing research documenting (positive) brain activity in response to green!

I vividly remember spending a week at a conference in NYC years ago (an BGCI International Botanical Garden Education conference, interestingly), where I felt jangled by the city surroundings at the hotel that I was staying at (in lower Manhattan), overly stimulated by the city vibe, but suddenly felt at home in the lovely forest (remnant) on our visit to the NY Botanical Garden.  It was definitely an aha! moment for me.

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