Saturday, January 19, 2013

Leeks fresh from the garden

freshly harvested leeks

I've left an assortment of leeks tucked in raised beds in the mountains through winter. They're so attractive, with their gray-green tops, and hardy, too. But I was noticing that a couple were getting REALLY big (hmm, about grocery store size, actually), and I was thinking that maybe they'd start forming flower buds sometime soon, if I didn't harvest them.

So I was delighted to see that they're in perfect shape (apparently) for eating.

Leeks are a relatively new vegetable for me to both grow and eat - I've just been growing them for the last 3 or four years. French leeks 'Primor' from Renee's Seeds (perfect as small, succulent "baby" leeks) have been amazing, roasted in a bit of olive oil. Yum.

I'm not sure what variety these leeks were -- I'll have to poke through some old posts, perhaps, to see if I can figure that out -- probably King Richard or one of the other standard varieties. I'm remembering that I have grew them from seed in flats started in cold frames early last spring, then transplanting them. Maybe they were 'Primor' actually -- I had harvested most of the leeks by late fall, to enjoy while still smaller.

These are certainly impressive to me as first "big" leeks!


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  1. Roasted with olive oil? Sounds good! Congrats on nice big leeks.


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