Monday, January 28, 2008

Planning to plant

Seed catalogs are a great source of inspiration, especially in the grey days of winter. Here in the South, we often have mild days punctuated by colder weather, so we have plenty of opportunities to spend time outside evaluating new projects and doing prep for late winter and spring planting.

Perusing the stack of seed catalogs, making orders, and considering planting plans are evening and cold day activities, and being someone who loves to buy seeds -- this is a wonderful antidote to cold, dark days inside.

Some of the things I enjoy ordering are beautiful lettuces, unusual squashes, purple pole beans, small striped eggplants, specialty sweet peppers, edible flowers, potato sets in rainbow hues, teeny round carrots, yard-long beans ...

Some of my favorite vegetable and seed catalogs are:

The Cook's Garden
Johnny's Seeds
Nichols Garden Nursery
Pinetree Garden Seeds
Park Seed
Seeds of Change
Territorial Seed Company
Abundant Life Seed Co
Renee’s Garden

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  1. Goodness... as if I needed more catalogs to peruse and add to my way-too-long-list of things I want to plant... ; ) Thank you for introducing me to a couple of new seed vendors. I hadn't heard of Nichols or Abundant Life. Have fun choosing!


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